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“The artists celebrated in this exquisite book all share a simple but profound truth, with the right set of eyes, everyday objects can be transformed into the sublime.”

Louie Psihoyos

National Geographic Photographer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker

‘Lost & Found’ is a collection of extraordinary sculptures crafted by eight Northern California assemblage artists.

The artists featured in this book have embarked on the strange and risky path where they never quite know what they are making until it is finished. In treating us to their personal artistic vision, they throw off old societal rules regarding what art should be. They create pieces that might remind you of something you had once yourself imagined.

Everyone came from a variety of locations to settle in northern California where inspiration and a culture of individuality and creativity are a way of life and is rich with artists, musicians, authors, and visionaries.

Dive into each page as you follow them on their journey.

"A delightful and thought-provoking tour through the world of assemblage art through the eyes and hands of eight prominent Northern California assemblage artists. Sometimes the themes are humorous, sometimes very serious, and the objects are reassembled in ways that demonstrate their beauty from an unexpected angle. This book is a work of art itself"

Kathy Parsons

Author, Editor and Educator


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“These assemblage artists, who have so elegantly created these uniquely formed masterpieces from everyday materials and given them life, are a rare blending of artistry and imagination; dream and reality.”

Lee Mun Wah

Filmmaker & Poet