About the Artists


Back Row: Sean O’Donnell

Second Row: Dianne Hoffman, Monty Monty,
Cat Kaufman, Larry Fuente, Spencer Brewer

Front Row: Hans Bruhner, Esther Siegel

The assemblage artist has endless possibilities, transforming often unrelated objects into a new, homogenous piece.

Many of the pieces in a finished sculpture oftentimes are recognizable, summoning awe and wonder for the viewer, and with it, curiosity. That is because everywhere you look, items tossed as useless beg to be found and re-purposed by the assemblage sculptor, into unique pieces of art.

The artists featured in this book have embarked on the strange and risky path where they never quite know what they are making until it is finished. In treating us to their personal artistic vision, they throw off old societal rules regarding what art should be. They create pieces that might remind you of something you had once yourself imagined.

Everyone came from a variety of locations to settle in northern California with it’s majestic beauty of the forests and coastline. This is where inspiration and a culture of individuality and creativity are a way of life and is rich with artists, musicians, authors, and visionaries.

Dive into each page as you follow them on their journey.

“The pieces utilized in this book are discarded, perhaps old or broken and are used to create beautiful works of art that inspires and tells a new tale.”

Sharon Hamilton

New York Times and USA/Today Bestselling Author