Independent Book Publishers Award
Benjamin Franklin Award

1st Place Gold Winner – Interior Design


Independent Book Publishers Award
Benjamin Franklin Award

Silver Winner – Arts & Photography 

IBPA Gold Award Winners (1)

Esther & Spencer with their IBPA Award


Forward Reviews

Indies Finalist - Regional (Adult Nonfiction)

Indies Finalist - Coffee Table book (General)


Independent Press Award (Gabby Book Awards)

Distinguished Favorite – Arts & Entertainment



"This beautifully illustrated volume introduces readers to eight artists who find inspiration in objects that others may see as merely utilitarian or even toss aside as junk. An elegantly designed tribute to artists who find beauty where others see trash."



"Lost and Found is a wondrous portrait of collective creativity. For those who appreciate art in all its glorious forms, and those who want to understand the visual mindset of artists who embrace the potential in three dimensions, this book will not disappoint. Lost and Found shows the power of art to enrich our lives and nurture the possibilities of future creative work. Five stars."

-Chanticleer Book Reviews


"Designed so that each exquisite piece takes a turn on center stage, the book includes ample representation of each featured artist’s work, together with a brief biography and an artist statement from each."

-Foreword Reviews


“Overall, this is a beautiful book with amazing art that is well put together and very well produced. This will be a great addition for anybody who appreciates unique art.”

-IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Judge
‘Gold Award’ for Interior Design

“The artists celebrated in this exquisite book all share a simple but profound truth, with the right set of eyes, everyday objects can be transformed into the sublime.”

-Louie Psihoyos
National Geographic Photographer
and Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker


"Lost and Found is a book that will inspire admiration and excitement in those who view the many sculptures represented here."

-Readers' Favorite Book Awards


“Whimsical is not a light statement, it’s wonderful, imaginative and thoughtful, all of which is on display in this surprising book. Congratulations! Not just about Art and artist and the craft, but peppered throughout with information that brings depth to the assemblages and their individual elements.”

 -IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Judge
‘Silver Award’ for Art & Photography

"A delightful and thought-provoking tour through the world of assemblage art through the eyes and hands of eight prominent Northern California assemblage artists. Sometimes the themes are humorous, sometimes very serious, and the objects are reassembled in ways that demonstrate their beauty from an unexpected angle. This book is a work of art itself"

-Kathy Parsons
Author, Editor, and Educator